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New York Governor calls for Instant Screening Test.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo called for "faster testing process", in his briefing today he said:

"We have a rigorous approval process through the FDA and CDC in this country. It served us well in normal circumstances. These are not normal circumstances. I would say to the market, if you have a test, and a home test, and a state wants to take responsibility for monitoring the results of the test, God bless you. Because you can’t have a situation where you have a five day waiting period for a test. That’s five days for the person to be out there and possibly infecting other people. And if the goal is to open up the economy as quickly as you can, you’re going to need a much faster testing process to find out who had the antibodies, which means they had the virus in resolve, and who’s negative, and who’s positive. So you are going to need a much faster testing process. That’s the only way you get the economy up and running in any relatively short period of time."

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